Why Use Soap Nuts

A top reason why someone would even consider Soap Nuts is their concern for health and toxic chemicals that are in most laundry products.


Health Risks

Take a moment to think about this. Is having your clothes rid of stains and dirt but coated with chemical residues and artificial fragrances considered clean?

Take a look at this video by Laundromagic in Japanese. It clearly shows that typical detergents do leave behind residues on fabrics and in this case, Optical Brightener. Check out the glowing buns with Optical Brightener residue on them when the cloth is used in the steaming process. Does it make you wonder how much Optical Brightener you have consumed? Also, children’s clothing are best to be washed with a safe natural laundry product to avoid ingesting chemical residues.

Here is another video revealing Optical Brightener residue on clothes. This video is produced by Seventh Generation, an eco company that produces and promotes non-toxic cleaners. It cautions that Optical Brighteners can cause skin reaction when exposed to sunlight.

There are dangers in those typical commercial detergents and fabric softeners which we do not recognize. They are heavily chemically formulated and contain many synthetic toxic chemicals, some of which have already been banned.

Through inhalation, accidental ingestion and permeation into our skin, the chemical residues can get into our body and bloodstream. And as a result end up threatening our respiratory system, disrupts our hormone balance, and give us skin rashes.

On a worse case, some people might develop asthma and other diseases. And the chemicals that perfume the detergent can also make one feel ill, cause headaches, giddiness and breathing issues. Check out this article to have a quick insight on some of the common chemicals used and how your laundry detergent may be hazardous to your health.

And if your children develop itchy skin conditions for no apparently reason, you might want to try switching to a natural laundry product.


What You Can Do

There are many ways to avoid these harmful chemicals. Using Soap Nuts is one of the few natural solutions for cleansing. They are literally fruits that grow on trees, natural and void of synthetic chemicals. They are not only safe for our body but also eco-friendly to our environment.

Many people around the world are taking their health responsibilities into their own hands and are seeking natural alternatives. Besides using Soap Nuts, people are switching to using greener laundry detergents. Some are already exploring the uses of natural soap bars, baking soda and vinegar and many other methods.

What about you? What would you do to protect yourself and your family from these toxins that are probably in most of your everyday detergents?


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