Sharing Soap Nuts and other DIY detergents on Channel News Asia

3 Sep 2013 | News

Great thanks to Channel News Asia for the interview and for featuring me in one your series, IT Figures Season 2 – Outliers.

Special thanks to Trinh Hoang Ly (Producer), Gwyn Lau (Camera Man), Chua Xue Qi (Editing), Enette Ngoei (Editor) for your hard work and for the beautiful video done. I would also like to thank Jeanette Ng, my husband Junming, and my family and friends for your support.

Here is the interview.

[Update: The airing period for this episode is over. I have replaced the video link with the screenshot instead.]


In the interview, I demonstrated how to make soap nuts and garbage enzyme. And also how to make use of a foam pump bottle to save on your natural liquid soap or natural detergent. If you are interested, you can check out these posts for the details:

Soap Nuts
How to use Soap Nuts with your washing machine
How to use Soap Nut liquid for your laundry

Garbage Enzyme
How to make your own Garbage Enzyme
How to use Garbage Enzyme for cleaning the floor

Use of Foam Pump Bottle
Use Foam Pump Bottle to help you save on your liquid soap and natural detergent

And here are some behind-the-scene shots for some fun. Thanks to ming for taking these. This is where you get to see the unsung heroes, Ly and Gwyn. 🙂



I was already nervous a few days before the interview. Luckily Ly and Gwyn made the shoot relaxing and comfortable for me. Thank you guys.


This is Ly, our beautiful interviewer and producer. And that’s me. Many times I forgot the important points that I wanted to say, and luckily the list I have prepared helped.  Ly said that I am the first interviewee she came across who prepares a list of things to say. I hope I don’t sound too unnatural. I can’t help it because I think I am pretty forgetful at times.


This is Gwyn, the cameraman. Young, handsome and energetic.


A quick discussion on how and what demonstration I am going to do.


Right, this is where I work sometimes. Does my living room look like a cafe? Our friends call it the Haroko Cafe. The place where we gather and makan once in a while. 😉


It was great working with you guys. Thank you Ly and Gwyn once again. I really appreciate your time and hard work.



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