Olive And Salt Body Scrub

9 Aug 2010 | Skincare Recipes | 1 comment

This is such a simple body scrub which you can make anytime. I’m sure you have heard the goodness of olive oil. In this case, olive oil moisturizes the skin while the salt exfoliates the skin. And I felt that there’s a difference after using this body scrub. The skin felt smoother. You should try it! =)

Oh, are you wondering if it’s going to be very greasy and difficult to wash off the oil? I thought so too, but surprisingly, it’s not as greasy as I thought it would be. After the scrub, just wash off with natural soap and you are done.

  • 2 tablespoons of sea salt (I find extra fine salt is easier to work with)
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil (Light olive or virgin olive oil are fine)
  • Mix them together and you’re ready for a body scrub!
  • Apply onto your skin and rub gently.
  • You could leave on for 10mins or so and then wash off with a natural bar of soap.

Adjust the amount of sea salt and olive oil according to your needs. Some people might think 1 tablespoon of each is enough. Some people also use granulated sugar instead of salt as the exfoliant. I have yet to try this though. =)

You could perhaps do a body scrub once every week to freshen up! Enjoy! =)

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  1. Vivian Zalduondo

    Excelent idea.