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8 Nov 2012 | Products We Love | 1 comment

I have always wanted to get organic towels. Why organic? First is the health benefits. Organic cotton that is grown free from toxic pesticide and synthetic fertilizers is safe for health and reduce the possibility of respiratory and allergic issues. And in a way, I am supporting farmers who grow cotton plants in the organic way that has less impact on the environment.

I was having a hard time looking for organic towels in the departmental stores. I only recall coming across many non-organic ones. And among them, there is the cheaper range where the cotton looks furry and fuzzy, and the high end ones are way too expensive.

And then one day I stumbled upon QUTN, a Singapore based online store founded by Gunilla Tegen. QUTN retails organic and fair trade bed linen and towels. I was attracted by their beautiful organic bed linen and towels.  They are simple and elegant. What’s more, QUTN has a blog that allows me to know more about buying bed linen like understanding the threadcount, GSM (grams per square metre) and so on. I don’t know what I don’t know, so it was a good start for me. Here are the links to articles by QUTN which you might be interested.

What Is A Thread Count
Bedroom Buying Guide
What is GSM
The Benefits Of Natural Fibers
The importance of Staple

I ordered two organic towels, one white and one natural, and I love them! When I first saw them, I was very pleased with the quality. The towel is thick and the feel is very comfortable. The cotton threads are long, dense and neat. This is one of the best quality organic towels that I have come across so far. Even my husband agrees that the quality is really good.

We have been using the towels daily for 3 months. We find it very absorbent which is really important, comfortable and durable. It went through a couple of washes already and the towels still hold its thickness, and its threads stayed neat. It is unlike some other towels that will flatten out after a few washes.

As for the pricing, I think I have spent my money well for the long lasting quality that I get. If you shop around for towels at the shopping malls, I think it is hard to get equally good towels. So I think the organic towels from QUTN are very reasonably priced.

Besides regular sized towels, QUTN also offers hand towels and towels that are in jumbo size which I seldom come across. So do check out their website at And don’t forget to check out their beautiful organic bed linen too!

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[Updated on 1 May 2014]

QUTN Singapore is closed. However, if you are interested to purchase the towels, you can order them online from Fou Furnishings.




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    Super absorbent, yes! I’ll attest to that.