Medicinal Shea Butter For Muscle Ache And Joint Pain

13 Aug 2014 | Skincare Recipes | 2 comments

Besides superior moisturising properties, do you know that Shea Butter also possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help to relief muscle ache and joint pain?

And it worked for me.

Back in July, my 3 hours of cycling trip at Pulau Ubin left my knees sore and aching… That was because I hardly cycle… Usually people would feel the muscle ache and soreness the next day, but I felt it on the very same day.

I then applied this dense and rich Raw Shea Butter onto both my knees. After 3 to 4 hours later, I felt the soreness disappeared. My knees no longer ache. I was pretty amazed.

Clinical Results On Shea Butter’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties

For centuries, Shea Butter has been used as a medicinal ointment to treat joint pain, muscle ache, bruising and swelling.

In 2010, results from a clinical test shows that Shea Butter contains triterpenes compounds that exhibits significant anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour activity. It helps to reduce joint inflammation while improving circulation.

Read report: Anti-inflammatory and chemopreventive effects of triterpene cinnamates and acetates from shea fat.

And it is interesting to note that a company now offers Shea supplement. Compounds from Shea Butter are extracted and made into supplement that promotes healthy collagen, reducing joint inflammation and pain.

Read article: Why Glucosamine is not the answer for Athletes: Common cosmetic ingredient has 2X impact on joint health

Please note that I am not endorsing the Shea supplement here. My aim is to share with you that Shea Butter has such significant anti-inflammatory contribution to our joint health.

Applying Shea Butter For Joint Health

If you have muscle soreness and feels aching after a strenuous exercise, apply Shea Butter generously over the affected area. Depending on how severe your soreness is, it may take a few hours to a full day before you notice the reduction in the soreness or pain. And depending on individual, it may or may not relief the pain totally.

For good joint health maintenance, apply Shea Butter on your muscles and joint before and after your exercise. This will help to reduce muscle fatigue and pain.

Will any kind of Shea Butter work?

Not all Shea Butter has the same medicinal effect. For joint and muscle health, it is important that you get only unrefined and organic Shea Butter. Because only unrefined and organic Shea Butter has its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties retained.

For recommendation, I love the Akoma Raw Shea Butter. It is rich, dense and firm in texture. And this is what worked for my muscle ache.

If you are shopping for other Shea Butter, here are my Tips On Choosing Shea Butter.



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  1. Darlene Powell

    Can you buy this raw Shea butter in the store?if so what store.

    • admin

      Hi Darlene, Raw Shea Butter will be available at Isetan Singapore, which is located at Shaw House, from 3rd – 25th March 2015.