Luo Han Guo Herbal Drink

2 Dec 2009 | Food Recipes | 4 comments

Read as ‘Luo Han Guo’ (罗汉果 in simplified Chinese) in asia, this fruit is also known as Siraitia grosvenorii in English or literally ‘arhat fruit’.

Luo Han Guo is used for medicinal purposes. It is a healing remedy for relieving throat inflammation, chronic cough, balancing the heatiness in the body, constipation for the elderly and it’s also used as a form of a natural sweetener in some food.

You can purchase the fruit from shops selling chinese herbs or from stores and supermarkets that sell dried goods. The cost of 1 fruit ranges from 40 cents to 80 cents (in Singapore currency) depending on the size of the fruit. The fruit itself produces natural sweetness after it is brewed. It has been said that the darker the colour of the fruit, the sweeter it is. Some also say that the sweetness go up as the fruit increases in size.

I learnt from my vocal teacher that this fruit is really effective in the soothing of a sore throat. She will brew this drink whenever she feels irritation in her throat and she will find the sore throat completely gone the very next day. I have tried it and it works for me and my family, and I thank her for teaching me this.

Below is one of the methods of brewing Luo Han Guo for sore throat.


1. Luo Han Guo (Siraitia grosvenorii) – 1 fruit
2. Water – 1.5 litres (about 4 cupful)


1. Bring the water to boil.
2. Meanwhile, wash the outer shell of the fruit clean.
3. Crack the fruit into several pieces and set aside the shell and its contents.
4. Once the hot water is ready, turn off the heat and put in all the seeds and shell.
5. Stir to ensure the seeds and shell are complete soaked.
6. Leave it to stand for one hour.
7. Pour into a cup with the use of a strainer and you’re done!


1. Add hot water if you find the drink too sweet for your liking.
2. Refill with hot water as many times as you like.

I hope you will find this drink effective for your sore throat.

I happened to crack open one that has gone bad.. The inside of the fruit felt really dry and flaky, unlike the normal ones where the inside is moist and the underside of the shell is juicy. Check out the pictures.

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  1. angeline

    Thanks for showing me how to use this fruit. Your pictures are great too.

    • admin

      Thank you Angeline, I’m glad that you find it useful.

  2. sharon

    Thanks very much for the tip! Seems so easy, idiot-proof 🙂 will definitely give it a try.

  3. admin

    Hahaha! Yes Sharon, it’s rather straight forward. Hope you get well soon!