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22 Apr 2014 | Products We Love

Many years ago, I was using a plastic water bottle and it was not even BPA (bisphenol-A) free. I was not aware of the danger of BPA until recent years. I learnt that BPA is one of the key components in manufacturing hard plastics (polycarbonate bottles) which is a known xenoestrogen and it can leach into the liquid or food. Xenoestrogen means foreign hormone. That means that they behave in ways similar to the estrogen hormones in our body and this causes our hormones to be imbalance and it will also result in other undesirable diseases.

A detailed scientific report on BPA and other hormone disrupting chemicals can be found in Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement


Glass Water Bottles

If you ask me for my opinion on the best type of water bottles, I would say that glass bottles are the best. They do not contain toxic materials that can leach into your water. The water taste cooling and it smells and taste neutral.

glass water bottles

I was using this a year ago. I reused a cooking wine glass bottle to contain my drinking water. While I was out, my glass water bottle caught some people’s attention. Some thought that I was drinking wine.

Although I like glass bottles very much, there are some cons to it however. They are already heavy when it is empty and they are breakable. And so, this may not be practical for kids or for people who do sports. But if you are in the office, you can reuse beautiful wine bottles to store your drinking water.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The next option I would go for is stainless steel water bottle. There are a number of stainless steel bottles available in the market. And nowadays, most bottles have declared that any plastic parts are BPA free. But still, I would prefer a totally stainless steel bottle with zero plastic if possible. And finally, I found Klean Kanteen.


Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen is a company in California that focus on creating safe and durable water bottles, baby bottles, food canisters, thumbler and pint cup. Some of the materials they use are food-grade stainless steel, food-grade silicon, sustainably harvested bamboo, BPA free plastic and so on. The inside of the bottles is not lined with plastic nor baked-on epoxy like aluminium bottles. Even the paint they use on the exterior of the bottles are non-toxic and lead-free. Plus it comes with a Lifetime Warranty.



This is my 800ml The Reflect Kanteen (Brushed) water bottle that is made from stainless steel with zero plastic. It is safe, durable and the design is pretty chic. The retail price is SGD $56 (Singapore Dollars). The price is a little high, but considering the safety and durability, it is worth my investment. And frankly, I could not find another brand that produces total stainless steel water bottle with no plastic.



This is how the Stainless Unibody Bamboo Cap looks like up-close.



This is actually my very first Klean Kanteen water bottle. 800ml Classic with a Sport Cap (SGD $39) . It comes in other beautiful colors too. Sport Cap is convenient and easy to drink from and great to bring it along with you on your bike or for any outdoor activities. However, I do not recommend putting it in your bag together with books. Although it is designed with better leak resistance, it does leak abit of liquid though. The good thing is, you can get one with a Loop Cap. Or, purchase the stainless steel cap separately instead.



This is the Sports Cap. Great for Sports! Not ideal in handbags or haversacks though.



And when I am not doing Sports, I still prefer the stainless steel Unibody Bamboo cap (SGD $28). You can purchase this cap separately. In fact, all caps can be purchased separately.


Check out my mix and match. Looks great isn’t it?



Where to purchase Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen products are available in a few countries. If you are located in Singapore, check out online store Depot Kool that carries most of the Klean Kanteen products. And here is a list of retail stores that carries Klean Kanteen in Singapore.

You can also choose to purchase Klean Kanteen products directly from the main site or from Amazon.  See a whole list of Klean Kanteen products on Amazon.

What I am currently using:


And I love these little bottles. I think they are great for babies and children.


Now you know about Klean Kanteen, switch to safe water bottles now!




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