Since I was a kid, apple was never my favourite fruit. Somehow, it tasted bland most of the time and sometimes only slightly sweet. Not at all enticing to me… And I accepted the fact that this is how apple should be.

It was only when I started exploring organic produce and had my first bite on an organic apple, things changed. It became my favourite fruit and I would never go back to eating a conventional one again.

You can literally smell the sweetness of an organic apple even before you cut it. It is really juicy, sweet and crunchy. Yum! And strangely, they can keep well for quite a while in the fridge.

When selecting apples, I would usually choose the ones with stem that still look fresh. The bottom of the core should look fresh and slightly green too. Brown and dried out stems and bottom of the core indicates that the apples are not as fresh anymore.

One of my favourite brand is Organic Juliet from France (Picture shown above). When these apples are in season, you can find them in some local organic stores and in NTUC supermarkets as well. And other times, you will find organic apples from New Zealand which is quite good too. Give them a try.

The price range from $5.50 – $6.50 per bag of 5 or 6 apples depending on the size and weight. Averaging out, each apple costs about $1++. I think the price is pretty decent considering all the labour, cost, time and effort to grow them and then got transported all the way to you.

And to parents, I am sure your kids will love these organic apples. 😉