How To Use Soap Nut Liquid For Laundry

Soap Nut Liquid is very convenient for all kinds of uses. Follow the instructions on this page to make your own multi-purpose soap nut liquid. In this page, you will see how Soap Nut Liquid can be used for your laundry, whether you prefer to handwash your clothes or use a washing machine.


Using Soap Nut Liquid With Washing Machine

  1. Simply add 200ml of concentrated Soap Nut Liquid into your washing machine and wash as per normal. Or, you could mix 200ml of Soap Nut Liquid with 200ml of water before adding it into your washing machine together with your clothes.
  2. Start your wash cycle.

adding soap nut liquid into washing machine


If You Prefer To Hand-Wash Your Clothes

  1. Add 100ml of concentrated Soap Nut Liquid into a pail
  2. Add water and agitate the solution either with the spraying pressure from the hose or by stirring. You will see suds forming quickly.
  3. Soak your clothes in the solution. Leave it for a while to soak.
  4. Wash and rinse as usual

You will realise that you will save a lot of water when you use Soap Nut Liquid, as you do not need a lot of water to rinse away the suds.

using soap nut liquid to handwash clothes


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