House Of Ribbons

24 Jul 2014 | General

If you love ribbons, you will go crazy happy when you step into this shop that sells rows and rows of ribbons!

I chanced upon this shop called Kin Soon that is located along Arab Street. I later found out that the company is established in 1975 and they are the ribbon supplier in Singapore.

Curious, I stepped in and saw shelves and shelves of ribbons. Ribbons of different styles and designs.

kin soon_house of ribbons_02

Besides ribbons, they sell buttons that are really cute and some are really beautiful. They also have paper strings, gauze and other types of wrapping materials.

kin soon_house of ribbons_03

Beautiful materials for your creation.

kin soon_house of ribbons_04

And if you have been thinking of learning how to craft your own ribbons, Kin Soon holds workshop that teaches you how to craft them.

ribbon workshop

Kin Soon also operates an online store called Minton Ribbons. View the arrays of ribbons they have online at

At the moment of this writing, I think the online store may not showcase all the ribbons that they have available. So I suggest making a trip down to the store instead to take a look.

Minton Ribbons

Kin Soon Pte Ltd
36 Arab Street Singapore 199735
Tel: 6298 3391
Fax: 6298 1176
Email:  or

Operating Hours:Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 6pm
Saturday: 9.30am – 5pm
Sundays and Public Holidays Closed

For more photos of their ribbons and workshops, check out Minton Ribbons facebook page.



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