Green At Heart Event

29 Nov 2013 | Our Events | 1 comment

Last week we joined the Green At Heart event at Icon Building, located at International Business Park. It was a green event that lasted from 20 – 22 Nov organized by Ascendas. And above is a picture of me and Gillian, the Emcee.  Thanks Gillian for promoting our products at the event. Gillian is actually our local singer, actress, model and and drama trainer. And she keeps a casual blog too! Pop over to Gillian’s blog and get to know her more.

GreenAtHeart_Icon Building_01

And here we are promoting our organic Soap Nuts!

GreenAtHeart_Icon Building_00

GreenAtHeart_Icon Building_07

GreenAtHeart_Icon Building_06

And here is a picture of us with like-minded green entrepreneurs from Green Pal, Allerganics and Human Nature. It was great knowing you guys and we appreciate your friendship.


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  1. Gillian Tan

    Hey dear!

    Thanks for the mention and the photo! Your products are great, and I am going to get some soap nuts on December 3rd. Muahahaha… In the meantime, I would like to send you some photos from the event. Email me back with your email? Thanks! 🙂