Many of us, including myself, like to eat grapes that are firm. Firm would mean that it is fresh and has a nice bite to it. However, if kept for a few more days, the grapes would start to turn soft. Sometimes I would even find them a little disgusting and I would only pick those that were a little firm before I throw out the rest… Am I the only one here that feels that it is a waste?

Then, only recently, I discovered a solution. Simply freeze those over-ripe grapes that has turned slightly soft and you get the most delicious  frozen fruit! The taste and texture is so good. It sort of feels like you are eating grape sorbet. I tried freezing the firm grapes when I first bought them and it was just wrong. They are way too hard, like biting into ice. Oh, you can also blend the frozen grapes with a little water into grape smoothie if you like. It tastes wonderful.

So next time if your grapes are over-ripe, simply freeze them. You get delicious grapes that can last longer in the freezer and cut down on food waste at the same time.

This discovery was inspired by a friend, Caroline Ng, when she shared her frozen champagne grapes with me in the office. It was the most delicious grapes that I have ever eaten. Champagne grapes are very small. We like to pick as many as we can and eat them at one go. It feels like you are eating slush ice that is flavored with grapes essence. The taste and texture is great.

It seems that champagne grapes are not common in the supermarkets. If you do come across any, do give it a try. Simply wash and freeze them. If you like to make it more convenient for eating, just remove the stems first before freezing. It really makes a great dessert!