Chilled Guava with Dried Orange Peel

6 Aug 2013 | Food Recipes

Hi there, do you like guava? I used to think that guava is boring and it tasted pretty bland to me. Well, except for pink guava drink which I get at buffet that tasted sweet. Not sure if they added sweetener in there though. And so, I did not quite like guava until my aunt prepared this for me when I visited her. The weather was very hot then and this was like an amazing refreshing dessert on its own for our tea break.

This is so simple to make. It is just grounded dried orange peel added to chilled guava. Some people add sour plum powder which I find it too salty. I encourage you to try this recipe for yourself.


You can easily get dried orange peel from Chinese medicinal hall or from supermarkets. What I like best is the tangerine peel from Genya, there is a small outlet at Kovan Heartland mall. The tangerine peel is pretty special. It is light orange in color, has a slight lemon fragrance and tasted sweet and sour. However, this is not available all year round though. If you cannot find this, ordinary dried orange peel will do.


Remember to chill your guava. It gives you that refreshing taste. And as you can see above, the dried orange peel often comes in big chunky pieces. Get ready to grind your dried orange peel into small bits.


I used Philips HR1617 Hand Blender with Chopper/Whisk/1.7 Litre Beaker to grind the orange peel. I like to grind a small batch at one go and store it in the fridge.


Next, cut up the guava into small pieces. This is how I do it.


Sprinkle grounded orange peel generously onto your guava and enjoy!

Is there another way that you like to enjoy your guava?  Share it with us here. 😉

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