Barley drink has been known to help detox our body and reduce heatiness. But do you know that Barley can also be used to cleanse and exfoliate your skin?

I have been using barley powder as my facial cleanser for a long time and I am still loving it. It is gentle, it does not dry up my skin, and my face does not excrete so much oil anymore. My face used to be very oily. Since I was a teenager, I have tried quite a number of commercial facial cleansers. My skin felt very clean after the wash which I thought was good, but after a few hours, my face turned oily again. Later did I realise that my skin was working hard to replenish the oil on my face that was stripped off by the cleansers. It took me a while to get back the balance of the skin just by using barley. Now, my face does not excrete as much oil as before.

I recommended this barley facial wash to my aunt who in turn introduced it to her children. Her active teenage son who is a basketball player uses it to reduce his acne breakouts with good results. Every time he needs to travel to another country for training or competition, he would ask his mom to prepare a bottle of grounded barley for him.

All that you need to do is to grind the barley into powder using a blender. Scoop a teaspoon of barley powder onto your hand, add a little water to make it into a paste and apply it to your face. Rinse as per normal.

I used a Philip hand-held blender to grind the barley. It took me quite a while to grind down the barley though.

Grind it as finely as you can. If you like it to be an exfoliant, then you don’t have to grind it till powdery.

I like to store the barley powder in a glass container which I got from Ikea.

This is roughly the texture of the paste that you want to get.

I did not grind it too fine and so you see that there are small beads of barley which acts as my exfoliant.

That is it. Simple, natural and cost efficient. It might take a while for you to adjust to this. But be patient and your skin will balance itself. Try it.