Yes! This is Durian, regarded as the king of fruits in Southeast Asia. The smell is so distinctive and strong. To some people, it smells heavenly. To others, they flee upon smelling it from a distance away. How about you?

During a recent trip back to Batu Pahat in Malaysia, I tagged along with my uncles to buy durians from a distant relative’s durian plantation. Although my grandmother used to have durian trees and I have been enjoying the fruits, I have never got the chance to visit them. And this day, I am blessed to be able to take a peek into a durian plantation.

Have you seen how durians look like when they are still on trees? Actually this is my first time to witness it upclose too. I have never seen them grow on branches like this.



This is a matured durian. Look at its fierce thorns. If you are not careful, you can get pricked easily!


Durians and durians growing on branches. Isn’t this amazing?


It is quite dangerous to walk under the durian trees. You never know when the fruit will fall. When I was there, I heard loud thud whenever one ripens and fell and hit the ground. You can imagine the force when it came falling down. And I heard several fell that day.


Although the farmer cast out nets to catch these thorny fruits like above, not all areas are covered. Whenever I strolled out to take photos, I tried not to stand under the trees. I stand at areas where I can see clear blue sky right above me.


This durian tree just look and feel majestic to me.


On the right side is a simple shelter where the farmers store their harvest, rest and perhaps cook their meals here at times too. This is hard work.


This young man in blue t-shirt works in the plantation. He goes around the area collecting durians that fell to the ground and transports them back using a motorcycle.


Durians that were freshly harvested and ready for wholesale.


These beauties can’t get any fresher.


This is one baby durian that I tried. Yum! I can’t remember the taste now because I had too many. The taste is usually bittersweet. Some taste much bitter than others, and some taste much sweeter. I like the bitter ones. The more bitter it is, the better. Heh.


Both my uncles were relaxing while waiting for the durian owner to return from his day nap! I guess he stayed up at the plantation the night before to keep watch of the durians to make sure no one steals them.


This is me, sitting around enjoying the vast space. It can be very peaceful if without the mosquitoes’ attack. The mosquitoes are of commando’s grade. Super fierce!


Well, no pain no gain. Apparently my brother and I are the ones who got bitten. Others were fine. I am still wondering why. Perhaps we smell new to them.


Finally the owner returned (the one in red) and helped to pick the durians and weighed them out.


Now, this is alot. Guess how heavy? They weighed 50kg! And we bought them all! What a feast!


What a beautiful day and experience out in the durian plantation. Whatsmore, I captured this beautiful evening sky while on the way back to my uncle’s house. I have always loved the evening sky.