Organic Soap Nuts

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Bringing You Organic Soap Nuts For Your Laundry

Soap Nuts Are Mother Nature’s Cleanser

Grown on Sapindus trees, Soap Nut is a fruit that is valued for its cleansing purposes since ancient times. When its dried pulp comes in contact with water, it releases natural surfactant that creates mild suds that washes your clothes and cleanses your household. It is natural, free of synthetic chemicals and it is safe for your health and our environment.

The DIY Secrets’ organic certified Soap Nuts is from the Himalayan region. It is of high quality Sapindus Mukorossi species, comes de-seeded and it is bio-degradable.

How Does It Work?

Once Soap Nuts is soaked in water, it will release its saponin (a surfactant) or suds in water. There are a few simple ways to go about using Soap Nuts. You can either extract its saponin by soaking it in water for a few hours, or by boiling it. Once you have yield the concentrated Soap Nut Liquid, you can use it like how you would use a detergent. You can add it to your clothes in the washing machine, add it to your pail of water for scrubbing your floor and so on.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I love using soap nuts. Ever since switching to these natural detergents, we’ve had no problems with itchy skin and my hubby’s hives have calmed down. What’s more, there is less packaging to worry out. I give them a 5 out of 5




Both my kids have eczema and I have sensitive skin. Using normal detergent sometimes will aggravate the skin condition due to the chemical present and also fragrances. Tried the mini pack and was happy how my laundry turn out, no chemical smell at all. So went to get the 1kg and never look back ever since.


After experimenting with soapnuts for a while now, I can surely say that the soapnuts available here on this site contain/produce more saponin than other soapnuts while making soapnut liquid. Therefore it also means these nuts effectively wash a few more loads of laundry compared to the slightly darker brown variety.


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