Ler Lee Cheng

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Ler Lee Cheng from Singapore, and The DIY Secrets blogs my personal experiences and discoveries to natural solutions, recycling ideas, household tips & tricks, healthy food & drinks and all other interesting DIY subjects.

Natural Solutions

When I read that most of the commercial products such as detergents and facial cleansers contain harmful chemicals, I was thinking to myself that there has got to be some other way to create safer solutions from the natural ingredients made available to us.

How did people manage before these commercial products came about? What were they using back then? They must have created their own cleansing solutions.

I’m inspired to discover how we can create safe and natural solutions for everyday cleansing use and the natural beauty treatment recipes that are easy enough that we can do it on our own.

Recycling Ideas

Have you ever once stopped to think of how you could recycle a bottle, a milk or tea packaging box, or even a half used diary book before throwing them away? Have you thought of how you could extend the lifespan of those products for a second purpose? Maybe even wanting to recycle some of those products but have absolutely no idea how to go about doing it?

I am one of the guilty ones who threw away things so mindlessly until I saw how my aunt makes an effort to recycle. The DIY Secrets is a place where I would like to share any possible recycling ideas that I’ve come across and hopefully the ideas would one day be useful for you in one way or another.

Household Tips & Tricks

I have always been fascinated by the household tips and tricks offered in some books. An example like, how can you better preserve food? What is the best way to store them? How do you get rid of stale smells in your cupboards or shoes.? How to avoid steam building up in your bathroom mirror? Any other interesting tips and tricks that work well will also be included.

Healthy Drinks & Food

Ranging from fruit juices to herbal drinks and soups. I would like to share their benefits and how to make them.

There are way too many interesting DIY subjects out there so besides the above 4 main focus, I will occasionally post other subjects including but not limited to topics such as exercises, self-improvement recommendations and such.

I have to thank Junming who is my main photographer for taking such beautiful shots, and lend his magical color grading touches to the pictures. He also my co-editor who edits my writing so you can understand them better.

I hope you will enjoy reading and trying out the methods posted in this blog. Any comments or ideas, please feel free to leave them on this blog for discussion. =)

Lee Cheng