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Hi! Thanks for dropping by. My name is Lee Cheng and I am based in Singapore. How did The DIY Secrets got started? Well, it started after I chanced upon a book on soap making many years ago. And slowly, that led me to a whole new world of natural living.

Like many of you, I love nature. Sometimes I wish I can live next to a mountain like the one you see above. I believe in eating organic produce whenever I can for good health and for environmental sustainability. And I like to explore using natural ingredients for our daily personal care. I also like to check out and review products that are safer for our health. And here is where I blog about my discoveries, experiments and more.

If you are one of the like-minded, I hope you will join me here as I go back to basic to rediscover the way to living a simpler and healthier lifestyle.


Wishing you happiness always,
Ler Lee Cheng