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I love Soap Nuts. The first time I used Soap Nuts, I was amazed by how this little fruit can produce foam and clean. I love how it cleanses my clothes without leaving any smell of detergent and causing any stiffness. And I also love to use it as my facial cleanser. Somehow it balances my dry and oily combination type and keeps my complexion healthy. The best part is, I feel good using something that is as natural as it gets, and at the same time lightening my toxic footprint on Mother Nature.

Along the way, I have met and communicated with a number of likeminded people. Among them is a dedicated Science teacher who got a few packs of soap nuts to show his students the marvels of nature. I hope there will be more people to teach and show our young ones not only soap nuts but the other natural treasures all around us.

Following are some of the feedback that I have received from my customers. Read on to see the various ways in which they use soap nuts and how it has benefited them. If you are a soap nut lover too, feel free to add on and share your thoughts and experiences.

I’ve been using soapnuts and I like it. Even using it for my hair. I like soapnuts cos i think it’s important to clean without upsetting the sebum balance and commercial products tend to overclean? I’m thinking soapnut is great for travelling; I just need to carry the nuts, a small foam bottle and a capped bottle.

I feel good using something natural, and not having to worry about harsh & harmful chemicals. Good that it’s affordable and I can do my little bit to reduce unbiodegradable discharge. I’m really glad to have discovered this wonderful alternative!   – Jennel

Last weekend I had so much fun cleansing all my siblings’ faces with soap nut liquid!   – Norjanah

Normally, I send my winter gear for dry cleaning. But this time when I came back from Japan, I washed them with the soap nuts. And they all came out nice and fluffy and smelt very good.    – Yoko Taylor

Your soap nuts is GOOD! Erin gave some to me last Christmas; I love using them for my washes! I love the smell of my fresh laundry washed using soap nuts. My clothes feel “sticky” with those washed with detergent – I’m also allergic to some soap & detergent. Good excuse not to do household chores eh? Looking forward to my replenish stocks of soap nuts for my wash this weekend!    – Eileen Lim

Nice looking packaging you got there. Btw the nuts smell funky and takes a little getting used to but it seems like the best of the best. Keep up the good work.    – Lionel Palar

I used the previous order as shampoo and I think it did helped for my dry and itchy scalp, yet oily hair problem.  I hope to use the new batch for more shampoo for a longer period of time.    – Hui Jen

Our new batch of soap nuts will arrive at your doorstep (SG) within 5 to 7 working days when you place your orders today!  So order your soap nuts today to feel the joy and excitement that many others have been experiencing after trying them out!

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