Our Foam Pump Bottles Are Now Available

by Lee Cheng on August 19, 2011

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You can now easily dispense smooth and creamy foam with our foam pump bottles!

Our quality foam pump bottles work best with liquid soap that are of water-like consistency. Gel-like commercial liquid soap with particles in it will clog up the pumps and are not suitable for use.

How To Use Liquid Soap With Foam Pump Bottles

Just remember the 1 part liquid soap to 3 parts water formula and you won’t go wrong. Shake well and use.

i) The thickness of the foam depends on the amount of water used. Add more liquid soap to get thicker foam. And less for thinner foam.

How to Use Soap Nut Liquid with Foam Pump Bottles

You can also use our foam pump bottles with soap nut liquid to dispense soap nut foam. If you like to use soap nuts for personal body care, foam pump bottles offer a convenient way of using soap nuts for body wash. However, please remember, if you have sensitive skin and it gets dry due to the use of soap nuts, please cease using soap nuts as your body wash.

1. Soak a few soap nut shells in a bowl of water overnight.
2. Remove the shells, filter the particles and residue using a fine coffee paper filter.
3. Pour the clear solution into the foam pump bottle and use.
Note: If the solution is not finely filtered, it will soon clog up the foam pump bottle. If so, check out this post on the direction to unclog your pump.

For 50 ml bottle: Soak 2 whole nuts in 50ml water.
For 200 ml bottle: Soak 4 whole nuts in 200ml water.
For 236 ml bottle: Soak 5 whole nuts in 236ml water.

i) Measure the amount of water needed by using your bottle.
ii) Add more soap nuts for thicker foam and fewer shells for thinner foam.


[Updated on 1 May 2014]

Soap Nut liquid tends to clog up the foam pump bottle easily. Therefore I won’t recommend using Foam Pump Bottles for Soap Nut Liquid.


Order Now

From the small bottle that you can conveniently lug around in your bag, to the family friendly size bottle, choose from the available 3 sizes in 50ml, 200ml and 236ml to suit your needs.

What’s more, these are recyclable foam pump bottles of plastic type PET or known as PETE. When they are ready for disposal, remember to dispose them off into the plastic recycle bin for recycling.

Simply order from our online store . All orders will be mailed out via Singpost and your foam pump bottles will reach you within 5 to 7 working days.

So go ahead and start pampering yourself with smooth and cooling foam for your face and body by ordering your foam pump bottles today!



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