Blood Builder Juice

blood builder juice

Blood Builder is a delicious drink that all adults and kids will love and it is very simple to make at home. You can even serve this to your guests before your home party starts which I did. :) This yummy recipe is taken from the book, Juice Yourself Slim by Jason Vale.

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The DIY Secrets Soap Nuts is featured on RenoNation

soap nuts featured on renonation

Thank you RenoNation for featuring our Soap Nuts in your September issue magazine!

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Tips On Choosing A Good Hand Soap

good hand soap

From the previous post, we see side effects of certain chemicals in handwash. And we also see lab tests that shows that using just soap and water is effective enough for removing most bacteria on our hands. So, let us get back to basics and use plain old soap and water again for our hand wash.

There are many so called natural soap available in the organic health store. How do you go about choosing them? Here are the things I look out for.

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Are You Still Using Antibacterial Hand Soap?

antibacterial handsoap

We love our children and we always want the best for them. And so naturally, when parents shop for handsoap, they look out for one with the anti-bacterial label believing that it will keep their children safe. But are kids getting healthier and stronger nowadays? Or do they fall sick easily and more frequently? Why are there emergence of more and more super bugs?

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Practical Uses Of Shea Butter

Applying SheaButter

Pure Shea Butter is a versatile raw ingredient. You can apply it on your skin directly or you can use it as one of the raw ingredient in your skincare product creations. Here is a list of how what you can use Shea Butter for.

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Medicinal Shea Butter For Muscle Ache And Joint Pain

organic and unrefined shea butter

Besides superior moisturising properties, do you know that Shea Butter also possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help to relief muscle ache and joint pain?

And it worked for me.

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